Spider Man : Homecoming

It was only a few years ago that I watched my first superhero film. I’ve not seen many of the classics, but I’ve seen most films from the past five years (thanks, cinema card!).

Spider-Man: Homecoming, had quite a few people questioning the film and the franchise – were they just trying to prolong a series of films that is past its best? Or maybe they wanted to start anew with a young star. Either way, the people I spoke to before watching the film were dubious about how well it would perform, and how good it would be.

My cinema night is always a Monday, which is great, as the screen tends to be very quiet! Last Monday was no exception, and we basically had a private screening. We went for 3D IMAX (£6 surcharge with the cinema card), because this is *exactly* the sort of film you want to be jumping out of the screen at you.

Tom Holland, the (just) 21 year old from London, who also starred in The Impossible (I cried forever), and Avengers Infinity War, played a young Spider Man. His youthful looks and cheery disposition help in crafting the new form of Spider Man, and his comic timing is pretty sharp too!

Embed from Getty Images
The premise of the story is that a young Peter Parker, who is living with his Aunt May, tries to ensure his legacy as Spider Man, with Tony Stark helping him along the way, and pushing him to get the best out of himself…..but an evil Vulture (yup…) makes this very hard to achieve.

At points during the film, I felt there was a little bit too much teen romance going on, and the focus was on Parker’s relationship with Liz, rather than the story at hand….but, without giving away any spoilers, with hindsight it was pretty pivotal to the story that she was a focal point!

Overall, this was a fun film to watch, but I doubt it’ll win any awards.

Score: 3.5/5


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