Flourish Craft Bakery

I live in a little town in Hertfordshire called Bushey. It might sound like it’s in the middle of nowhere, but in reality it’s just a 10 minute drive from the end of the tube line. Anyway, a few minutes away from me is a new bakery – Flourish Craft Bakery. I’ve been seeing my friends checking in there for the past couple of months, and the images looked insane…so I did what any good daughter does, and took my mum for brunch!

The bakery is in a very strange place – in the middle of an industrial park. You wouldn’t know it was there unless you’ve been told by someone else. There’s free parking out front, which is pretty useful. When you first walk in, the initial thought was ‘wow – it’s so spacious here!’. I HATE being shoulder to shoulder with other people when I’m trying to eat my food, or have a chat, so to have a lot of space between tables was amazing. We chose a table where we could see directly through the glass windows into the baking area itself – the chefs are busy preparing all sorts of breads and pastries from scratch, and I love knowing what I’m eating is fresh…it makes it taste even better!


My mum chose the granola yoghurt bowl, and I went for the veggie breakfast – I’m not a veggie, but it had me at ‘smashed avocado’.

The *only* downside to the entire trip was there being quite a bit of a wait for our food, when the cafe was pretty empty, but I guess that happens when things are made from scratch!

The food came out looking fantastic – the granola bowl was *so* pretty I kinda wished that I got it! My veggie breakfast was equally impressive. You can’t see in the image, but under those two eggs, was a massive slab of homemade brown bread – wow. I would come here just for the bread, and mum has decided that she’s buying all of her bread from her from now on – sorry Tesco!

I was sorely tempted to leave with handfuls of danish pastries, but I thought I had to leave something for next time. When I go back, I’ll be having the smashed avocado and crispy bacon on fresh bread – it looks unbelievable.

Score: 4.5/5


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