Tape Face

It’s pretty hard being an actor – nearly three hours on stage, six or seven times a week, and showing emotion to portray someone that isn’t you.

Now try that with a piece of masking tape across your mouth, portraying a character, and the same emotion, in front of a live audience.

Meet The Boy With Tape On His Face:

Embed from Getty Images

Tape Face not only managed to captivate the audience, but had us in stitches of laughter for the entire two hour show. The show is heavy in audience participation – in fact, he wouldn’t have a show without this.

The only words spoken for the entirety of the show, are those of a voiceover radio, which sometimes talks to Tape Face – but not one single sound leaves his lips!

Embed from Getty Images

Unfortunately, the show was only on for a short run, but it was worth every second, and every penny. Check him out on YouTube:

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