#TBT Chelsea v Barca CL Semi #2

It should never have happened.

Barcelona were 2-0 up shortly after the 40-minute mark, and we were down to 10 men, after JT got sent off in the 37th minute.

Even though we won the first leg 1-0, thanks to a sublime Drogba effort, as the score stood, we were out.


But then, just before half time, Ramires scored a blinder, to take the score to 2-1, and put us back in the driving seat. Anything could happen, with 45 minutes still to play.

Disaster struck shortly after the second half started. Barcelona were awarded a penalty, and Messi stepped up to take it. Messi has never scored against Chelsea. Today was no different. He also hit the post later in the game, but Cech was on fire for the whole of the second half.

Then….. Barcelona kept pushing. They had 72% of the possession…but possession doesn’t win games – goals do. Barca kept attacking, trying to push for one more decisive goal. They crossed the ball into the box. There was some fumbling. It was messy. The ball dropped onto Ashley Cole’s chest, who thumped it up the pitch.

Camera pans. Wait a minute. Torres now has the ball. In the Barca half. And the last Barca defender isn’t anywhere near him. Oh my god. Is this really happening?

Yes. Yes it is. Torres rounds Valdes and makes the score 2-2 on the night, whilst also leading Gary Neville to make the best noise any sports commentator has ever made:

The ball hits the back of the net. We went crazy. Tears, shouting, screaming, hugging. WHAT A NIGHT!

We were in the Champions League Final, and we had Bayern Munich, playing at home, to contend with in the final…

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