Ugly Dumpling

Last night I had the pleasure of going to a pre-opening night at Ugly Dumpling – a brand new (you guessed it!) dumpling place, just off Carnaby St.

We went as a group of Time Out Tastemakers – a group of influencers who get to visit loads of great places, in return for a review. The reviews are always honest – if we don’t like something, we say we don’t like it!

I went with my mum, who is also a Tastemaker, which was lovely. We go to a lot of new places together, and have loads of fun…. I even bought my place eight doors from her and Dad!

We sat down on tables of two. We were next to my friend Jane, and her daughter Katie. The venue was closed to the public, which gave it a feeling of exclusivity, which was great!

Here’s the menu:

WhatsApp Image 2017-07-27 at 09.04.28

There was so much choice, and it all sounded delicious! We went for aromatic duck, chicken satay, and spinach and tofu dumplings, with the aubergine tempura, miso-glazed courgette and shredded broccoli slaw.

Our food came very quickly, and it looked so colourful and tasty!

WhatsApp Image 2017-07-27 at 09.00.41

It was all absolutely delicious. The only dumplings we might not order again are the chicken satay ones – they needed some more flavour, and possibly some satay sauce drizzled on top. The duck ones were great, slightly crispy on the outside, which definitely added to it.

The miso-glazed courgette with satay sauce was unbelievable – I could eat that all day! The ‘slaw was creamy, and the aubergine was delish (though could’ve done with a drizzle of honey on top, too).

As if this wasn’t enough, we then ordered some MORE! We went for mushroom and truffle dumplings, some more duck ones, and burnt corn and mango salsa. The mushroom and truffle dumplings were absolutely divine – the best thing I ate all night. Wow. So soft, drizzled with oil, and the flavour of the filling was beautiful.

We obviously had to try dessert – blueberry dumplings (the steamed kind), and white chocolate and matcha ones – these were more crispy. I would’ve loved the blueberry dumplings in the crispy casing, but the creme fraiche they came with was great!

All in all, a really delicious meal – we came out feeling SO full! Thanks, Ugly Dumpling!

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