The Big Sick

Every Monday is cinema night with my mum. We’ve got our cinema cards, and we definitely try to make the most of them!

This week we went to a pre-release preview of The Big Sick – our cinema card allows us early access to some films, which is great, as it means I can write reviews like this one!

The story follows Kumail, a Pakistani comedian living in the USA. He meets, and subsequently falls in love with a white, non-Muslim girl, but his parents want him to have an arranged marriage (and go above and beyond to try and set him up!).

Kumail is played by himself (Kumail Nanjiani), and his love interest, who (little spoiler coming up), is also now his wife in real life (Emily), was played by Zoe Kazan.

This is Kumail and Emily – who co-wrote The Big Sick – IRL!

Embed from Getty Images

The film is positioned as a rom-com, which I’m not sure I would agree with. Yes, there’s romance, and yes, there’s comedy, but there’s something about the film as a whole which just doesn’t sit right in this genre. To be honest, I have no idea how I’d label it….maybe a mix between rom-com and drama….!? If you go and see it, let me know what you think about this.

The acting in the film was great from all sides, and the film was just under 2 hours – my perfect length! The ending was pretty predictable, but, let’s be honest…unless you’re watching a psychological thriller, the endings do tend to be set in stone in these kind of films!

Score: 4/5

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