Big Easy

I love American food. Pulled meats, smokey flavours, overflowing bowls of mac n cheese, and lashings of sauce.

There are a handful of Big Easy branches around London, but my favourite is definitely the Covent Garden branch (King’s Road – too busy, Canary Wharf – too far).

Big Easy have a ridiculously extensive menu. The starters are amazing – but I’ve stopped having them, because I can never finish the main, even without a starter! They also have a daily special offer:

daily specials

My favourite day is Monday, for the Big Pig Gig. For £20, you get chopped pork, bbq chicken pork ribs, ‘slaw, bbq beans, fries, cornbread and a big beer! For those prices, in London, you really can’t go wrong.

WhatsApp Image 2017-08-09 at 08.12.32

Yes…you really get that much food…and as much of the meat and chips as you want (although how anyone could actually eat more than this, is beyond me. The ribs alone are the size of my forearm!).

Big Easy’s voodoo sauce is divine – I’ve been told by a (reliable!?) source, that it’s Frank’s Hot Sauce mixed with BUTTER. Yes. Butter. It’s amazing (though probably not quite as amazing for your cholesterol level!).

The lovely staff at Big Easy are aware that this could be somewhat of a…messy…meal, but they’ve got that under control:

WhatsApp Image 2017-08-09 at 08.12.32 (1)

Yes, that’s mum, in a bib! I force anyone I go with to wear the bibs – it’s part of the fun!

Big Easy isn’t cheap – a lunch (or dinner) can easily come to £70 for 2, but if you pick well, and don’t drink, the cheapest you can do it for, for two people, is around £22 (excluding tip) – that’s only if you go for a sandwich though (or a Caesar salad without any additions, including chicken or shrimp!).

Overall, this place is *awesome*. Great atmosphere, good selection of drinks, including craft beers and whiskey. It can get very busy and loud – but it wouldn’t be the Big Easy without that!

Score: 4/5

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