Young Frankenstein

I have been terrible recently. Terrible. I’ve not had any time to blog, but I’ve got so much to blog about!

I went to see Young Frankenstein with Patrick last week. I didn’t know much about it, but I had been told that it was absolutely hilarious…


The story was about one of the world’s top brain doctors, Frederik Frankenstein, heading to the middle of nowhere, where his relative had died, as he was featured in the will.

He had no intentions of staying, however, when he discovered the monster that his uncle had created, and realised that he could bring it back to life with a new brain, he realised that he had to stay and try and make this a reality.

Ross Noble played Igor, and he really was very funny – he had perfect comic timing (obviously). Hadley Fraser played Frederik Frankenstein, and also managed to get a lot of laughs from the audience.

Embed from Getty Images

There were plenty of hilarious moments throughout the show – they really managed to make an old concept very new and modern, and put a take on it that I’ve never experienced before. It’s not often that you see an entire audience in full-blown hysteria, but that did happen – on more than one occasion!

If you get a chance, go and see Young Frankenstein – it’s worth it! We sat in the front row of the dress circle, about 6 seats from the edge, and had a good view of the stage. The only time the view was slightly restricted, was in the first 30 seconds, when someone was standing in the very corner of the stage, or when actors walked from the stage towards the audience.

Score: 4/5

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