Hi! I’m Luisa – but you can call me Lu. This is me! That photo was taken in Lake Como, which is probably the most beautiful place on earth.


When I’m not working (Senior Social & Content Strategist, as you asked), you’ll find me in my closest Cineworld, using my cinema card to watch four films in a day. If I’m not there, I’ll be in one of London’s many theatres, at a football match, or trying out a new and delicious (hopefully!) restaurant in London.

I’m sure you’re *dying* to find out more, so here a few of my favourite things (did anyone else sing that in The Sound of Music style?):

Favourite meal: Fillet steak, with roast potatoes, garlic mushrooms, grilled tomatoes and greens, in a cream and red wine sauce. Mm mm mmm.

Favourite film: Such a hard one, but The History Boys is definitely up there, alongside the original Beauty and the Beast

Favourite team: Chelsea FC

Favourite musical: The Bodyguard….Book of Mormon and Les Mis come a close joint second!

Favourite smell: petrol at the petrol station!

Favourite drink: a good, smooth whiskey

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